Gabriel Arrandt is Project Manager, HeartMath Practitioner, & Personal Trainer at Merritt Wellness Method

Gabriel Arrandt

Gabriel is Merritt Wellness Method’s Project Manager & HeartMath practitioner and graduated from Appalachian State University in 2015. He is certified as a HeartMath Practitioner, Personal Trainer (CPT), Sports Nutritionist (CSN), Chiropractic Assistant (CCA), and American Red Cross First Aid/CPR AED for Adults and Children with a lifelong exposure to functional medicine. He is a Charlotte, NC native and also the fifth of Dr. Merritt’s six children! He says, “working with MWM allows me to utilize my natural skillset, my passions, and my desire to help people optimize their health. I am so excited to help coach everyone through living life as healthily and happily as possible!”

His hobbies and interests are abundant and diverse, and he loves to stay busy during his free time. Most of all, he loves music, going to events with his friends, traveling, and doing anything outdoors – especially kayaking, backpacking/camping, snowboarding/skateboarding, taking his dog on hikes and day trips, etc. And of course, he LOVES fitness and health; he is always looking up nutrition facts and their sources, therapy exercises/stretches for injury prevention and functional mobility, and loves constantly learning more about the body to help it perform its best!

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