Meet Dr. Lisa Merritt - Functional Medicine Specialist in North Carolina

Dr. Lisa Merritt

Dr. Merritt has educated and helped thousands of women (and men) with their health conditions with thorough and complete analyses.

Dr. Lisa Merritt is a functional medicine physician, certified naturopath, and longevity expert. Dr. Merritt’s comprehensive skills offer diverse fields of disciplines as an effective specialized program to help with women seeking methods for aging gracefully. As a mentor, or coach, in a virtual setting, Dr. Merritt educates and assists women to successfully solve their health and chronic health issues to achieve optimum longevity. Her focus is to reveal the initial underlying cause and provide a customized and personalized path for those to follow. Her unique specialties with anti-aging, incorporate a structural, nutritional, and emotional approach. Dr. Merritt believes a holistic method enables women to achieve a long-lasting, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Dr. Lisa Merritt is a woman with great passion and dedication. Dr. Merritt has educated and helped thousands of women (and men) with their health conditions with thorough and complete analyses. Since 1980, she has been a physician in a physical setting. Dr. Merritt now branches through virtual outreach as a mentor to train her methods on a global sphere. With over 40 years of experience, she is a provider of many alternative and integrative healing methods. Dr. Merritt a licensed chiropractor (D.C.), board certified in naturopathy (C.T.N.) and board certified in acupuncture (C.Acu.). She is a certified HeartMath biofeedback practitioner, certified in physical therapeutic rehabilitation, trained in Reiki healing and Transcendental Meditation.

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Merritt has attended many years of continuing education hours on subjects of “Mastering Brain Chemistry”, “Mastering Endocrinology”, “Mastering Thyroid”, Mastering Gut Infections, “Mastering Autoimmune Conditions” and “Mastering Blood Chemistry”. She has also attained 1000’s of hours of education in nutritional therapies for weight loss, gut issues, brain decline, neuro-reflex anti-aging therapies, Chinese Medicine, Advanced Acupuncture, and cognitive behavioral stress management training.

Dr. Merritt has been published in her field magazines, featured in multiple interviews of radio, television news broadcasts and social media programs. She has been honored to be a guest speaker for many podcasts and local community events. Her love of learning and helping others, compels her to continuously remain current in the latest research and be a public figure and spokesperson as an advocate on promoting natural health and longevity.

Dr. Lisa Merritt was born in New Jersey as the sixth of seven children. Her early years of holistic healing were passed on and influenced by her father, the late, Dr. C. S. Alchermes, Jr., who was a well-respected chiropractic physician, pioneer for natural healing, and a college professor. Dr. Merritt, and her husband, William, now reside in Marvin, North Carolina. Their combined family of six children and four grandchildren (and one more on the way!), keeps them active in many family and community events.

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